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Then, one way to solve the mathematical task itself, is: (2) “hide” the numbers in the question with parameters, (3) understand the structure of the equation, (4) insert the numbers in the correct places.

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Fortunately, not all math problems need to be inscrutable. So you're moving into your new apartment, and you're trying to bring your sofa.

Here are five current problems in the field of mathematics that anyone can understand, but nobody has been able to solve. The problem is, the hallway turns and you have to fit your sofa around a corner.

The largest area that can fit around a corner is called—I kid you not—the sofa constant.

Nobody knows for sure how big it is, but we have some pretty big sofas that do work, so we know it has to be at least as big as them.

This we can do by concatenating the input numbers with the output of the previous step, and flow them through another layer of neurons.

All these aspects of the architecture of the network can be obtained using somewhat basic features of Keras package.If you followed the steps thus far, voilà - you got yourself an algorithm that can read a textual math problem and extract the underlying equation!And better yet, you now know one way to approach challenges involving text understanding in general.It can solve equations, and even guide you through the solution so you can solve the next equation yourself. And in order for you to be able to interact with it in your natural language, one thing that needs to happen along the way is that Simplisico will understand by itself what equation you are actually trying to solve. In this post I will share with how I created a POC for the challenge of reading a textual math problem and extracting the underlying equation.Now imagine that one day you want to interact with your automatic tutor not only by equations, but also using your natural language. Before we go into the details, let’s think about how we would approach this challenge in general.Now, if it also knows that there is a similar relationship between trees in a park, and steps in a solution, then when I ask it to count steps in a solution, for the first time ever, it will know to apply the same logic it already knows for counting trees.So now, actually, we kinda taught our machine to read.We also have some sofas that don't work, so it has to be smaller than those. The first three are the dimensions of a box, and G is the diagonal running from one of the top corners to the opposite bottom corner.All together, we know the sofa constant has to be between 2.2195 and 2.8284. The three letters correspond to the three sides of a right triangle. Just as there are some triangles where all three sides are whole numbers, there are also some boxes where the three sides and the spatial diagonal (A, B, C, and G) are whole numbers.It doesn't have to be a rectangular sofa either, it can be any shape. Here are the specifics: the whole problem is in two dimensions, the corner is a 90-degree angle, and the width of the corridor is 1.What is the largest two-dimensional area that can fit around the corner?


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