Not Wealthy But Happy Essay

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To treat your body as a second career requires enormous time and energy.

To throw yourself full-heartedly into your profession as a mother means someone at home to do all that inconvenient child-rearing, at least much of the time.

The Woman You Want To Be Is Rich This isn’t something that’s often talked about.

The desire to be well-off may seem gauche to articulate, or maybe it’s repressed or subconscious enough that most women aren’t aware of it.

There were lots of mentions of ridiculously expensive cars and several mentions of new houses. Mostly, though, they would just spend their riches on a higher grade of the same stuff they already have.

They’d buy a better car and a better television and a better house.

(Trust me, writing isn’t it unless you’re Dan Brown or Stephen King.) But I’ve put a lot of thought into that question.

I truly don’t want to have mountains of money – if I did find some way to earn a lot of money, I’d likely give most of it away once I’ve established long-term financial independence for my immediate family.

All of the women you have seen who feel like they have the lives you want, almost invariably have them because of money.

And that is as much true for the Farmer’s-Market-Reclaimed-Wood-Minimalism Queen as it is for the more traidtional, Louboutin-wielding fashionista.


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