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The following programs provide either direct (i.e., from NSF) or indirect (i.e., from an awardee institution) funding for students at this level or identify programs that focus on educational developments for this group such as curricula development, training or retention.

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Supported research focuses on living and fossil forms of both human and nonhuman primates, addressing time scales ranging from the short-term to evolutionary, encompassing multiple levels of analysis (e.g., molecular, organismal, population, ecosystem), conducted in field, laboratory, captive, and computational research environments, and often incorporating interactions between human biology and culture.

Areas of inquiry that promote understanding of the evolution, biology, and adaptability of our diverse species include, but are not limited to: genetic/epigenetic/genomic variation and relationship to phenotype; ecology and socioecology; functional anatomy and skeletal biology; and paleoanthropology and primate paleontology.

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Applications are sent for evaluation to six individuals (“ad hoc reviewers”) specifically selected for subject matter expertise.

Students are allowed to resubmit one time if their original proposal is declined.

The DDRI competition provides up to ,000 ( university indirect/overhead costs) to permit graduate students enrolled in US universities to conduct dissertation research. While the student writes the proposal and conducts/supervises the research, the dissertation advisor serves as the Principal Investigator and the student is listed as the Co-PI.

Salary and normal living expenses are not eligible costs but per diem and most other research expenses are allowable. Proposals may be submitted at any time and applicants are normally informally notified of the likely outcome within three months.


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