Nursing Home Abuse Essays

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Many different forms of violence exist with each having adverse effects on its victims.

Almost everyone has been exposed to violence whether it has been through the media, walking down the street, or experiencing it personally.

Much research into violence supports the idea that violence is learned.

People can learn violence in the home or in the public sphere of life.

These types of explanations are detrimental and need to be disregarded.

A sociological perspective does not hold faith in these types of examinations.

Many explanations from all areas have emerged about why wife abuse occurs and the costs it has on the family, all of which have contributed to further knowledge of wife abuse.

Some explanations have come to conclude that violence is natural or that violence is the husband’s right in order to maintain control over his wife.

Society also tells women not to go out alone and not to dress too revealing or she may get raped.

These are messages that speak of the public dangers that we should be aware of in order to protect ourselves. It is a type of violence we have labeled as wife abuse, which is a form a violence that Canadian society has only recently begun to examine.


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