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Additionally, the Committee of Bar Examiners is hoping the change to the exam will save money, which will lower testing fees, and hopefully speed the California bar’s notoriously slow grading process.According to the , the change will save 1.1 million dollars a year and bring California in line with the majority of states that offer two-day exams.

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Currently, the New York bar exam includes about 200 questions from the multistate bar exam, as well as five essays on New York State law and 50 multiple-choice questions on New York law.

Finally, there is a multiple state performance test.

According to the , under the new exam plan, one day will still be devoted to the 200-question multistate bar exam, except now the first day of testing will have six essays and two “lawyering skills tasks.” There will be no testing on “unique distinctions in New York law,” which is a major shift away from the current state-specific bar exam.

Significantly, only six years after the creation of the UBE exam, almost half of the states in our country will be using it.

According to Derek Muller, a professor at Pepperdine University School of Law, the changes will not make California’s bar exam any less difficult, as scores will most likely be recalibrated to maintain testing rigor.

However, it will make the test less grueling in terms of time.

Jenny Rivera, an associate judge on the New York Court of Appeals and chairwoman of the advisory committee on the UBE, said the two new lawyering skills tasks should be an excellent addition and welcome alternative to the current standardized testing format.

A performance task presents a file to the test-taker and requires them to complete an exercise that a lawyer does, such as write a memo or write a letter to a client.


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