Odysseus Epic Hero Traits Essay

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His tragic flaw adds to his heroic nature, leading us to believe he was, in fact, a hero. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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Try it risk-free A hero can be defined in many ways, but in Greek antiquity, a hero embodied qualities that reflected Greek culture. When looking at Greek culture and literature, we must think of the traits a hero embodied at that time: honor, loyalty to the state and family, intelligence, physical strength, bravery, respect for the gods, and wit. This person seemed to transcend human traits and was someone who fought for good and noble purposes.

In this lesson, we will define the term hero and determine whether Odysseus fits the description. In ancient Greek culture, there are stories relating to mythological creatures and gods that ruled the people.

He led the raid once inside the walls of Troy and is also credited with the idea of the Trojan Horse.

On his way home from war, Odysseus is taken on a long journey encountering mythical creatures and gods.

He leads his men, never leaving anyone behind, with the goal of getting everyone home safely. His resume is extensive, showing his physical and mental strength, his loyalty to his state and his family, along with bravery and wit. No matter what obstacle was put in his path, he thought and fought his way through it.

However, there is another side to Odysseus that counteracts these traits.A journey to Hades, especially for a living person, is incredibly dangerous, and there are only a few heroes who have made the attempt--Hercules, Achilles, Aeneas--because they face the real possibility that they will be forced to remain in the underworld.Because there is no guaranty that Odysseus will be able to ascend to the living world, Odysseus is risking his life, just as he did many times over during the Trojan War.Odysseus also bravely travels to Hades to learn his fate.Upon reaching Ithaca, Odysseus takes on all of Penelope’s suitors, defeating them to reclaim his rightful place. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.If I asked you to think of your hero, who would it be? In these stories we find the archetype of an epic hero.Odysseus is considered an epic hero for his role as King of Ithaca, his participation in the war, and his journey home.Although Odysseus was respected by most, he had another side to him that reflected his tragic flaw - excessive pride - that seemed to cause harm that seemingly could have been avoided.It's clear Odysseus made both good and bad decisions along the way, but such is human life.In one instance, he tricked the Cyclops Polyphemus by telling him his name was “nobody” and then disguising his men as sheep so that Polyphemus would unwittingly let them out of his cave.He is able to keep his men together for most of the story by earning their loyalty and devotion. through his intelligence and ability to inspire his men.


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