Oedipus Rex Blindness Thesis

Oedipus Rex Blindness Thesis-36
The first way that blindness is portrayed in this play is through Terrains, who is a blind prophet.He is called to the city of Thebes by Oedipus in hope that he can provide some information about the murder of the previous king, Alias.

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Oedipus first hint was when a drunken man accused him of being a bastard child.

Next was the prediction from Phoebes, ho said that he was “fated to lie with his mother II and doomed to be the murderer of his father.

His next clue was from Terrains, who claimed that he was the murderer of the former king CLC yet that was still not enough.

Following Terrains was the messenger, who told Oedipus that the parents who raised him were not his real parents.

By displaying the element of blindness in these three different ways, Sophocles creates not only a strong theme, but a sense of symbolism and foreshadowing also.

He shows that the meaning of blindness can be deeper than just being able to physically see things; it can include being blind in emotion, spirit, and in knowledge, as we have seen through the life of Oedipus.

He says, 'Since you have reproached me with my blindness/I say--you have your sight but do not see/ What evils are about you…/Yea, you are ignorant/That to your own you are an enemy. Although Tiresias may have blind eyes, he can see the truth, unlike Oedipus.

Like Tiresias tells him he will, Oedipus ends up symbolically punishing himself by blinding his eyes with the brooches belonging to Jocasta, his wife who is also his mother.

When Oedipus finally realized the truth about his past, he rushed inside of his house, and did a horrendous thing.

It is described in the play, stating that “He tore off the brooches CO and lifting them high dashed them on his own eyeballs CLC he struck his eyes again and yet again With the brooches.


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