Oedipus The King Sight And Blindness Essay

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Many statements made by Oedipus in this play show not only the conflict between others knowledge and his ignorance, but also the irony of what he believes to be true.

In one scene, Oedipus summons Tiresias to him in order to find out who murdered Laius.

…smote the nerves of his own eyeballs, saying…they should see no more evils; darkling, …let them gaze on forms they might not see, and fail to recognize the faces he desired (Sophocles 45).

This passage once again shows Oedipus equating physical blindness with ignorance, as he removes his sight in hopes of removing the knowledge of the terrible deeds he has performed.

Physical sight comes at the expense of truth whilst knowing the truth comes at the expense of sight.

Oedipus confirms this when he gouges his eyes after knowing the truth.

…You cannot hurt me, nor any…who beholds the light, your life being all one night (Sophocles 14).

In this statement, Oedipus makes no distinction between physical blindness and close-mindedness.

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