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) - I've studied (business stuff) with the OU recently and I expect there will at least be a tutor group forum and a cafe forum for general discussion.Of course you can do it - it's going to be great! I signed up to start this year and am also daunted by the workload but we can pull each other through. I chose fiction and screenwriting cos the latter excited me even tho I've never experienced it. Business that's so different from creative writing- what are you hoping to do with it all in the end.

Saying that I'm very self directed and have previously studied with the OU.The brand new Open University course for October... I took my literature degree (50% CW) with them and I've been searching for a distance learning MA.I'm a bit fed up with people who don't understand that writing can be an academic hobby.Thanks Hello, I've joined the masters this year- the website has just opened and I feel hugely worried now as I've had 6 children and been away from writing academically for some years- I hope I'm capable, how did the first year go for you? I'm so excited but it has scared me- I don't know what to do about picking a secondary genre - I'd like to pick script but have no experience in that or life writing - but not sure if it'll be too hard to learn as I go? I did look on the website thinking their would be a chat room for all the students this year to talk and get to know each other but haven't spotted it yet. But I def want to do this - prove to myself I can Sorry - DCs=children!Oh, I've picked mine already (mainly as they don't add your work until you choose!They think I should just write a book and why bother with time, effort and money studying it.But I love the learning bit and really missed it once I'd finished the undergraduate courses.You go away for a week and live among like minded students.It was on one of those courses that I realised how much time I spent on domestic stuff and how not doing all that freed up endless time for writing!I'm paid for 6 hours per week per course - I dread to think how many hours I'm actually putting in because I care about my students.I'm sorry this sounds mean spirited but with higher education increasingly being marketed and being encouraged to be thought of as a business - this will get worse.


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