Outline For A Research Paper On Down Syndrome

Outline For A Research Paper On Down Syndrome-41
From the time a Down Syndrome baby enters the household with other siblings, there are often tensions not experienced in families without special-needs children.

In addition, scientists have recently created mouse models of DS that possess chromosomal abnormalities similar to those of human patients.

Through the use of these models, researchers hope not only to gain a better understanding of the specific During the mid-1800s, English physician John Langdon Down (Figure 1) devoted much of his professional life to children with mental retardation.

The NICHD launched DS-Connect® as a safe and secure online registry for people with Down syndrome, their families, and researchers to share information and participate in clinical trials or research.

As the registry grows, families and researchers learn more about Down syndrome and identify similarities and differences in the symptoms and treatment of people with Down syndrome from around the world.

These are the main areas of concern for this research paper.

Outline For A Research Paper On Down Syndrome

As noted in the previous section, this research paper seeks to elicit data and case-study, anecdotal evidence focusing specifically on Down Syndrome families and their special considerations.

Is it different for families in which there is only one other sibling?

Are there serious emotional issues for other family members – including the parents of the Down Syndrome child?

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Families in which there are Down Syndrome children have special and often conflicting considerations each day of their lives.


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