Personal Goal In Life Essay

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I think goals are important, because goals focus on what you want to spend time on to achieve, motivate you to do something that you have never done before, and accomplish successful events in your life.

Without goals nobody would know what to do in life, know how to achieve important work, and teachers wouldn’t know how to teach their students.

There is, of course, an overlap and continuity of objectives necessary for my goals to be successful.

Each of these goals leads to achieving a sense of success or satisfaction.

There are different types of goals, short term and long term.

I have learned to separate the many goals I have into three main categories: family, professional and personal.In order to fully obtain my long-term goals my short-term goals must be achieved first. Lastly, my career goal is to become a nurse at a hospital. ” There are three different goals I would like to achieve in life.In particular, the goal I made for High School is to have A’s and B’s on my report card for the whole four years of high school, because it is important to get good grades since it reflects on your GPA, which counts for which colleges you can attend. One way to receive good grades, is to always turn in your classwork or homework in everyday so, you won’t have a F as a grade on those assignments, which can make affect your grade. Do not wait till the day/night before the test to study you won’t hardly remember anything you had studied that night, since you didn’t keep repeating the same steps to remember all the information you have to know. Also, have a goal to reach for my personal life is to be more organized and neat. In general, one goal for high school that I want to achieve, is to get A’s and B’s on my report card through out the four years of high school.At that stage in life our goals tend to be less focused and somewhat unreachable.However, the process of growing up, or maturing, tends organized and center our goals, we learn to make compromises and set goals for our goals.I am excited to begin this journey with a clear picture in my head of what I want my achievements to be.My goals can be classified as both professional and personal or as long- term and short-term.


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