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Trees/seeds that are removed from the main board to make way for the new plant are placed back onto your player board and are available for later purchase.

(Unless there are no appropriate spaces for the item, in which case it is discarded from the game.)Collecting: You can end the life cycle of your large trees.

Seeds from smaller trees must be planted in spaces closer to the tree, while larger trees allow you to plant seeds further away.

You can plant seeds in any direction, as long as the spaces connect.

I already note below that our abbreviated games felt a bit long, and playing correctly would only have added to that feeling. ]During the Photosynthesis phase, the sun is moved to its next position on the board (unless it’s the first round, then it’s already in position) and players collect light points.

Light points are awarded when your tree is not in the shadow of another tree.

Growing a Tree: You can replace a seed or tree with a tree the next size up.

The larger you grow, the more light points it costs to make the transition.

Buying: Your player board is where your inventory resides and you will buy trees or seeds from your player board.

Once something is purchased, you place it next to your player board, indicating that it is ready to be planted.


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