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The final three PF studio albums (prior to the release of , a definite demarcation point in the Floydian discography.

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People die for causes they believe in, or because of a desire for transformation, and the ultimate action is invested upon them.

Some return home and live with the outcome of their choices, and those of a seemingly uncaring universe.

The 12 piece album composed only of 5 different songs is not only a continuation of Pink Floyd’s style they put into The Dark Side of the Moon, but also a bit of a bragging right of what they are musically capable of.

“Shine on You Crazy Diamond, part I-V” are the opening tracks to Wish You Were Here, the album begins slowly and placid, working its way to a jazzy compilation of some of the best solos and expertise on their instruments, before showcasing “Bring Me the Machine”, a harder, heavier metal rock song that easily takes the rhythmic, uplifting vibe of the previous song.

The amassed weight of artistic commentary attempts to illustrate the cost of enactment for every culture which predicates its’ existence upon blood sacrifice, however the methodology.

A work which lies firmly within these boundaries is the Pink Floyd album – resides in a liminal space for many fans, a case of neither fish nor Floyd, in regard to not only the internal weather of the band at the time, but from a thematic viewpoint.

is an album which seemingly cannot be divorced from the circumstances of its creation and its time, but it deserves an analysis which would do just that, gauge its worth purely as an artistic statement, because in my estimation it does succeed if one comes to it without whatever referential prejudice or cultural baggage the listener may possess.

The album marks the transition of Pink Floyd as a recording unit into what could be defined as the modern era of their existence from all aspects, but particularly in regards to production.

It’s not even past.” For a nation which had experienced the devastating effects of war, it surely came as a shock to be viewed as the aggressor in a new era, reopening traumatic wounds within the populace.

Especially in regards to a conflict which was considered not worth the lives of those expended for it.


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