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For your benefit, the six most commonly used organizational patterns are: ANALYSIS The next question you might encounter follows the organizational pattern of analysis.

Answer: A community center offers the community at least three types of services: sports services for young people, social gathering for older people, and access to community support for all people.

CAUSE AND EFFECTThe next organizational pattern you might see if Cause and Effect.

This involves following probable or known effects of a certain cause or exploring one or more effects and demonstrating the reasonable causes.

COMPARISON AND CONTRASTIn this type of organizational pattern, you are likely to see questions like: For example, Question: Which superpower would you rather have – the power to fly or the power to walk through walls? PROCESS This type of organization pattern, also known as process analysis, requires the telling the reader how to accomplish something. Typical questions include: For example: Question: Despite criticism, television shows like Teen Mom has helped to lower rates of teenage pregnancy.

Answer: Thesis: I would prefer to have the power of flight over the power to walk through walls for the following reasons: A….. It might involve demonstrating a complex procedure or a series of smaller steps. The typical questions you might see include: For example: Question: According to Jane Doe, in The Cheese Moved Itself, what is the best procedure for motivating a team of employees? Answer: Television shows, like Teen Mom, glamorize teen pregnancy because a…


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