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, Tobias Van Assche Link Impoverished democracy: Economic inequality, residential segregation, and the decline of political participation, Amy Melissa Widestrom Link Welfare populism and the rural poor: Comparing microcredit provision in India, Srikrishna Ayyangar Link Governance of transboundary environmental crisis in the Aral Sea Basin: The role of Uzbek environmental NGOs, Cagri Erdem Link Transnational political activism in American Cuban, Jewish, and Irish communities, Brett Sheridan Heindl Link Between negotiation and confrontation: Understanding China's Taiwan policy redirections in the 1990s, Shang-chih Chen Link Sparta in Babylon: Case studies in the public philosophy of soldiers and civilians, Darrell W. The advancement of state legislators to Congress in five states, Mack David Mariani Link The project of political epistemology, politics and the criteria of truth, Alireza Shomali Link Black Spots: Insecurity from beyond the horizon, Bartosz Hieronim Stanislawski Link In confidence: Information technology, secrecy and the state, R.

Payne Link Grain contract farming in the United States: Two case studies, Paul Richard Edleman Link Making foreign policy: Presidential management, advisors and the foreign policy decision-making process, David Mitchell Link Winning global policies: The network-based operation of microfinance NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1996--2002, Anna Ohanyan Link The role of ideas in coalition government foreign policymaking: Turkey as an example, 1991--2002, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner Link Achieving access: Groups, processes, and American political development, Mc Gee Wester Young Link Civil society and development in Nigeria: An exploratory study of student attitudes and perceptions in 1992, Rodney Devi Cunningham Link Development, gold and mining in the Brazilian Amazon: Women's labor in Garimpagem, Jeannette Graulau Link The economic trend in immigration policy: A comparative analysis of the entrepreneur/investor program in Canada, United States and Australia, Sharon L.

, Sreeram Chaulia Link Under the influence: Has MADD's policy agenda limited the Elks' capability to create social capital? Mero Link Disruption and stability: A study of the effects of inter-community mobility on political participation, Hector L.

Ortiz Link More than truth: Democracy and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Emily Brooke Rodio Link Lacking legitimacy: Race, gender and the social construction of African American women in welfare policy 1935--2006, Dionne Bensonsmith Link The separation of powers: A framework for guiding judicial decision making when the executive limits individual liberties during armed hostilities, Amanda Di Paolo Link The politics of the American dream: Locke and Puritan thought revisited in an era of open immigration and identity politics, Cyril Arijit Ghosh Link Organizational cooperation in crises: A conceptual framework, Lina Maria Lovisa Svedin Link No need to argue: Why does concurrence continue within foreign policy groups despite receiving negative feedback?

PDF The Minzu Debate: Policy Subsystem, Knowledge Community, and Academic Discourse in Post-Mao China’s Ethnic Policy-Making, Sinan Chu PDF The Power of Protest Messages: An Information Model on Protest Participation in China}, Li Shao PDF Right to Sell: Politics of Informal Retail in the Neoliberal Era., Anirban Acharya PDF The US-Japan Alliance and China's Rise: Alliance Strategy and Reassurance, Deterrence, and Compellence, Erik David French PDF Local Bureaucrats and Climate Change Adaptation, Bridget K.

Kelley Politicians at Arms: Civilian Recruitment of Soldiers for Middle East Coups, Drew Holland Kinney PDF Enabling Justice: State Cooperation with the International Criminal Court, Franziska Boehme Secularism: Conventional or Contextual? Narasimhan PDF Does Deliberation Make Better Citizens?

Makara PDF The Dynamics of Violent Escalation and De-escalation: Explaining Change in Islamist Strategies in Egypt and Indonesia, Ioana Emilia Matesan PDF Unpacking Coalitions: Explaining International Commitment in European Governments, Sibel Oktay Karagul PDF Leaders' Accounts: A Study of Transnational NGOs Leadership Views on Accountability, Paloma Raggo America's New Internationalists? Price PDF The Risks of Outsourcing Security: Foreign Security Forces in United States National Security Policy, Eric Rittinger PDF The Effects of Settlement Policy on Refugee Political Activism: Sudanese Refugees in Australia and the US, Hannah Allerdice PDF Taxes, Welfare and Democratic Discourse: Mainstream Media Coverage and the Rise of the American New Right, Matt Guardino PDF Leadership Style And Diversionary Theory Of Foreign Policy: The Use Of Diversionary Strategies By Middle Eastern Leaders During And In The Immediate Aftermath Of The Gulf War, Kilic Bugra Kanat PDF Treatment as a Common Good: Adopting HIV/AIDS Policy in Russia and South Africa, 1999-2008, Vladislav Kravtsov PDF Transnational NGOs: A US Perspective, George E. Boscarino Link Contesting state identity and foreign policy: German anti-militarism in shades of red and green, Asli Ilgit Link Legitimacy in a post-national context: Efficiency and democracy in the European Union, Everita Silina Link In defense of the new working class?

Labor union embeddedness, labor migration and immigrant integration, Erika Adrienne Wilkens Link Civilian protection and humanitarian organisations: Rationality or culture?

Colburn PDF Sustainable Development in the Third World: A New Paradigm? Gentry PDF Communicative Action as Feminist Epistemology, Todd Nathaniel Gilman PDF John Rawls, Feminism, and the Gendered Self, Lori Kinder Mac Arthur PDF State Cooperation on Regulatory Policies for Transboundary Environmental Issues, Jennifer Lyn Pennell PDF A Study of Japan's Foreign Policy Behavior: The Discrepancy between Japan's Foreign Policy and Its Voting Behavior in the United Nations General Assembly, Atsuko Sato PDF The Liberal-Communitarian Debate and the Development of a Political Conception of the Person, Kenneth Howard Biggs PDF Common Security: A Conceptual Blueprint for an Israeli-Palestinian Political Settlement, Robert Arthur Horenstein PDF The United States-Japan Security Treaty of 1951: An Essay on the Origins of Postwar Japanese-American Relation, Christopher S. Blumel PDF Chinese Intellectual Dissidents, Meiru Liu PDF John Rawls, the conception of a liberal self, and the communitarian critique, Johnathan Edward Mansfield PDF Politics and Education: The Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade, Teresa Squires Osborne PDF An analysis of US/Soviet arms control : adding a subsystem perspective, Peter Millard Olson PDF Hugo Grotius and the liberal tradition, Karen Diane Csajko PDF American foreign policy : the utility of force as an influence, bargaining, or coercive force in the Caribbean Basin, Susan M. : symbolic language, belief system and the Truman Doctrine, John Gunn Tilson PDF Formulation of the Comprehensive employment and training act of 1973, Gary G.

Skalangya PDF Integration in West Africa : an empirical examination of ECOWAS, Stephen C.


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