Potash Investment Thesis

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Investors who get into these stocks early enough can see returns in excess of 10 times their original investment.However, there are risks, an important one being side effects from drugs.Mc Camant believes that from an investor point of view, pharmaceutical companies carry the best chance of high returns considering their potential for developing cures for intractable diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

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“You’ve got to be able to interact with your own scientists, the FDA are very detailed and they also need to know and understand the science, and if you’re public you need to deal with Wall Street.

You also need to potentially do partnerships with large and small companies.” Those that do well are the ones that best manage expectations, he noted.

The baby boomers will continue spending on healthcare and healthcare products, even as budgets get crimped by entitlement reductions,” he noted.

Small-pharma, cancer treatment are investment targets John Mc Camant is the editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, an established source for stock recommendations and news about medical technology companies.

Rituxan, manufactured by Genentech, is now one of the world’s largest selling drugs, thanks in part to the publicity generated from the Mario Lemieux story.

“That’s where we get excited is that when you get to the actual cause of disease and maybe you can create a cure and and get close, you’re certainly going to get better treatments and fewer side effects,” Mc Camant said.“It’s risk versus benefit or greed versus reward,” he said in an interview with Life Science Investing News.“How much effect am I having on the patient versus the side effects?” Mc Camant also noted that unlike the resource or tech sectors, where there is normally a stark division between academia and business, in pharmaceuticals the line is blurred, with about half of new drugs coming out of universities.That means that investors interested in life sciences should keep their ears to the ground on discoveries made at medical schools or associated institutes.15, [2012], and are up 12.6% each year over the past three years,” according to investment-research firm Morningstar. INX) stock index gained 10.1 percent during the same period.The sector is also considered a safe haven due to baby boomers — a large and growing market segment whose consumption of pharmaceuticals and need for an endless array of healthcare services is only going to get more pressing.Harry Dent, bestselling author and financial forecaster, said this month that he sees life sciences as a good place for investors to be, particularly due to continuing economic uncertainty.“If I am right, and stocks crash again in late 2014 or early 2015, I want to buy in the healthcare sector in the U. and Europe, especially the most leveraged areas: biotech, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.For example, those associated with chemotherapy can make the treatment unworthy of the payoff.Mc Camant equates it to the stock market in terms of risk versus reward.


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