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As you are reading a book, journal article, or newspaper article, you should keep the following questions in mind, which will help you understand how useful the book will be to you.Magazines (including Time or Newsweek) are called periodicals as they are published periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.).Make sure to distinguish between general interest magazines and professional journals; this is an important distinction in college-level research.

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Your primary places for locating sources will be: This section provides an overview of important concepts and techniques in gathering information for research essays.Once you insert these into the microfiche or microfilm machine (and there are separate machines for each), you will be able to see the text of the article that you are looking for.Often, you will have to scan through quite a bit of film to find what you are looking for.You will also discover that there is another great way to find books that might be helpful to you.As you find books on your topic listed in the computer, you can then track those books down on the shelf.Also check the index in the front or the back of the book (the one in the back is always more detailed, but not all books have one) to be sure that the information you are looking for is in the book. On the other hand, a book that doesn't seem to go along with what you are doing can turn out to have a lot of usable information.Books are generally a great resource--they often contain a lot of information gathered into one place, and they can give you a more thorough investigation of your topic.Don't hesitate to ask for help from your nearby reference person.Microfiche or microfilm comes in two forms--small cards of information (fiche), or long film-type strips of information (film).If they do, you should check there as well as checking the computer.The computer in the library usually will have instructions attached to it.


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