Problem Solving Cycle

Political and cultural interventions are also needed.Designing involves the making of three decisions: 1.

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Process design Design of process of analysis and design that is to produce the object and realization design.

Perceived and validated need It’s not the need itself that is the input for the design process, bby the principal and seen as sufficiently worthwhile to invest in.

One should avoid doing a BPS project on a perception problem (inaccurate perceptions) and target problem (unattainable norms).

Characteristics BPS project  Agreement to help solve a well-defined business problem  Problem definition is an essential part  Problem: large enough for its solution to have significant impact, small enough for its solution tfeasible in view of time and effort o be  Students has an effort commitment, not a result commitment  Objective: realization of an actual performance improvement 2.2 The basic setup of a problem-solving project 1. Analysis and Diagnosis Also designs the project plan and one’s approach to the subsequent analysis, diagnosis and design. Plan of action Produces specific knowledge on the context and nature of the problem.

Characteristics business problems:  Result of choices of influential stakeholders  Open-ended, not one unique solution  Not intellectual question, dependent on value judgment of various stakeholders  Solved within (often tight) constraints of time and effort  Selected from a ‘problem mess’ and ‘solved’ through a ‘change muddle’ An important part of problem definition is to make explicit the perceptions, performance indicators and norms used by the various stakeholders in defining their own version of the problem.

The problem definition should lead to a definition of a real problem.3.7 Paradigmatic starting points Design entails epistemological issues concerning ideas on the nature of knowledge (defines criteria), and ontological issues, concerning the nature of reality.4.1 Theory-based problem analysis and solution design Descriptive literature focuses on that what is, rather than on that what can be to improve performance.Undisturbed process: a model of what will happen if it all goes according to plan.3.6 Designing social systems A business system having performance problems is redesigned and the redesigned system is introduced in order to improve its performance.Object design The model of the system or process to be realized 2.Realization design Material process model through which object design is to be realized 3.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Literature used in business problem-solving entails two complementary aspects:  Object and realization knowledge: knowledge of organizations and management in general, and various business systems and functions such as marketing.For solution design one would also like to have prescriptive knowledge in order to use such knowledge in a more direct, instrumental way.4.2 Solution concepts for business problem-solving Explanatory science: develop valid knowledge to describe/explain/predict phenomena (researchers).


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