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A systematic approach to defining the problem (question or situation that presents uncertainty, perplexity or difficulty) and creating a vast number of possible solutions without judging these solutions.In my free time, I spend a lot of time working with an undergraduate consulting group at UConn.

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As I’ve spent more time working, I’ve realized this is a common phenomenon.

The more you learn, the easier it becomes to come up with reasons to support the current state of affairs — likely driven by the status quo bias — an emotional state that favors not changing things.

The company does not have a clear strategy to respond to the price pressure from competitors and lacks an overall product strategy to compete in this market. There are generally two approaches to building consulting-like presentations and the manner in which you delpoy each approach will depend a lot on whether you are working alone or in a team. This is what you should start with, especially for a newer “consultant.” This involves taking the problem statement and structuring an approach.

This means developing multiple hypotheses — key questions you can either prove or disprove.

There must be a way to make a global change to the fonts You want to practice your "spiel" in the actual room (always a good idea).

You open your presentation on the computer you were given to use, and all your fonts are different now, throwing many items askew on the slide.

A lot of what I do with other advisors is try to teach the students the fundamentals of consulting. After almost ten years in the industry, I stopped thinking about why I was doing what I was doing.

So after prompted by a Quora question — I decided to try to break down the step-by-step process of solving problems with a consulting approach.

Given our problem statement, you may develop the following three hypotheses: As you can see, these three statements identify different areas you can research and either prove or disprove.

In a consulting team, you may have a “workstream leader” for each statement.


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