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If you meet the minimum entry requirements, and if a potential supervisor is identified and agrees in principle to work with you as supervisor on your dissertation, you will be asked to formally apply for (and in due course register) for the Ph D programme on the university website.

You can apply throughout the year for Ph D studies.

To apply, please forward a short cv, stating your contact details, academic qualifications and courses completed in research design and/or statistics.

Please go to the University website and check the cost of a Ph D.

International applicants should check under the relevant section, International Students, for their fees.

Because most potential supervisors limit the number of Ph D students that they agree to take on annually (in order to ensure the quality of supervision they give to their existing Ph D students), there may not always be a suitable supervisor for your particular topic of proposed research at UCT.

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For these reasons, please be aware that the selection process is highly competitive and offers are made to a very limited number of applicants.

Producing a manuscript describing your work on a programme or an existing evaluation report does not fulfil this requirement and would not be accepted as a proposal.

Also note that the university requires ethical clearance for all data collected for research purposes.

During this time you will be supervised closely to prepare a proposal that would be acceptable to the various university committees.

Please make note of these requirements, especially if you are an international applicant not currently in residence in Cape Town.


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