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May I include copyrighted material in the version of my dissertation that I upload to Pro Quest and [email protected]?

If you have further questions on Fair Use parameters, Creative Commons licenses, copyrights and permissions, please feel free to contact the Office of the General Counsel, visit the General Counsel website, or consult the Pro Quest publication .

Students are again asked to refer to the CUA Copyright Guidelines and The CUA Explanation of Licenses and Copyrights for information on determining whether and how to seek permission for any copyrighted material such as images, charts, graphs, media, etc. If you have sought and been granted permission for such material, you should also be careful to review whether the permission obtained from the original author(s) is sufficient to enable to you to put your work online for open access.

If you are concerned that third-party material exceeds Fair Use parameters, and you are unable to obtain sufficient permission to use it, you may need to remove such material from the deposited work as a precautionary matter.

The [email protected] Submission Copyright Statement asks you, the author, to confirm that you are the copyright holder and that you have obtained any necessary permissions for any third-party material included in the thesis or dissertation.

In addition, if portions of your dissertation were previously published, the agreement confirms that you have retained the rights to place this material online. An embargo is a period of time during which your dissertation is saved in Pro Quest or [email protected] but is not available for worldwide distribution.Are there special concerns that I need to be aware of when submitting a dissertation to an online environment such as Pro Quest and [email protected]?In an online environment such as [email protected], issues surrounding copyright and permissions are more complex. You will also need to consider whether to impose an embargo period to ensure that if you decide to convert the dissertation to a scholarly monograph or journal article, a future publisher will not view the existing digital copy as a barrier to publication.Will my dissertation remain available at Pro Quest and/or [email protected] for perpetuity?As a member of the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), the John K.Mullen of Denver Library (the holder of the [email protected] Depository) remains committed to the durability and sustainability of scholarship as deposited in [email protected] Mullen Library staff and [email protected] use standard data management practices, including security and backup procedures, to provide a reasonable assurance that files will remain retrievable over time.Why do I have to agree to The [email protected] Submission Copyright Statement, and what does it say?In order to deliver written works and other copyrighted materials to the public, both Pro Quest and [email protected] must have consent from the copyright holder.However, be aware that policies will vary from publisher to publisher.If you are in doubt about the future publication of your dissertation, you may want to consider an embargo period, during which your dissertation is saved in Pro Quest or [email protected] but not available for public view.


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