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In attempting to win acceptance of your ideas, you invite disagreement and must be ready to consider the claims of those who disagree. It prompts us to carefully examine the evidence, the procedures of investigation, and the clarity of language in our own position and in others'.

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You are expected to leave the shore, the protected waters of secure and easy initial thinking and first drafts, to enter "deep water," where you will encounter the unexpected.

There you seek new information, new directions, new perspectives from readers and from other writers and sources.

Some questions are asked over and over, across disciplines, and in many kinds of writing: What does this word or event mean? People in Social Science, ask questions about cultures, states, institutions.

In Cultural Studies, important questions revolve around how language works.

To explore specific disciplinary approaches, go to ESC's Research Guides by Areas of Study. As you seek to answer the questions posed by an assignment or by you, you are expected to reject quick, easy answers, to entertain uncertainty, ambiguity, views other than your own.

You are expected to keep an open mind, receptive to the unexpected, the absolutely unplanned, for as long as possible.It really is almost like growing plants or kneading bread and waiting for the results: plant the seed, start the process and then let your mind, including your unconscious, take over.Go to sleep and let your dreaming continue to develop your ideas.In Business, Management, and Economics, questions arise about how organizations and other economic systems work. When writing a paper it is helpful, maybe even essential, to read the Area of Study guidelines for your study, to get the large picture, a sense of the major questions, or issues, addressed in the discipline within which you are writing.Argument is all around us, in governmental, business, and family arenas, and in the essays, research papers, and articles written by students and professors all over the planet.In areas such as Cultural Studies and the Arts, however, human difference, individual style and voice are embraced.Formal methodology is de-emphasized; individual interpretations, emphasized.To write a successful college paper, you will ordinarily need to follow some accepted — often time-honored — procedure in the discipline you are studying.Ordinarily, the process you follow is more important than the conclusions you reach.To write a successful paper, you must have some understanding — and probably clear examples, or models — of what forms and procedures of thinking are valued in that area of study and expected in the specific assignment.Writing in the natural sciences, for example, characteristically minimizes subjective observations in favor of more objective observations and repeatable experiments as sources of truth because the personal or individual voice may introduce "human error," or bias, and lead to false answers.


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