Quick Flip Questions For Critical Thinking

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If you think you can afford a 0,000 home, looking at properties in the 0,000 to 5,000 can get you more for your money and allow you to sleep more easily in your new bed.

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I am trying to see if I can influence you to change your answer.

I am trying to see if you can defend your original answer (most people fail here).

You might indeed find a bargain and make a quick profit, but you could just as easily lose money on the deal.

Putting a significant amount down on a home can eliminate costly private mortgage insurance and give you additional wiggle room should prices decline in the future.

If you are buying a home as a place to live in for the long term, you will probably be quite pleased with its performance in the coming decades.

If you are looking for a quick flip, you might be disappointed.I am trying to see how fast you think, and what happens, if you are backed into a corner.If you are a critical thinker you'll think uniquely and be able to, for the lack of a better word, survive.If you are only allowed to make two breaks in the gold bar, how do you pay your worker? I am also looking for, because I am in Analytics after all, a part of the answer to involve numbers (how to look at data to solve the problem, qualitative or quantitative – so it does not have to involve hard core numbers). When Interviewee provides the answer I will push back a bit, regardless of the answer (right or wrong).I'll probably throw a curve ball, try to say something totally silly, try to throw a spanner into the logic, point out a flaw, share a sub-plot etc.If you fail to budget for such expenses, you are putting your financial future, and your home, at risk.Asking yourself these vital questions can make the decision to buy a lot easier.In fact you'll love the challenge and you'll reply with specifics and not ambiguous FUD.It is amazing how quickly one can cut through the Interviewee's BS or lack of thinking capability or actual experience. Can give a complete answer (so many people fail at this), even if a wrong one. The most common request was for tips on how to pick the right employer, I think that's a reflection that this is a buyers market [I promise to write that post just as soon as I can]. Anything really, but a real problem for my company or a company I know." I can some gut feels on candidates, but it's really hard to say. You must give them a piece of gold at the end of every day. :) The model suggested in the email of, what I call, temp to perm is not a bad idea because it both allows you to test the person out but more importantly you can check other attributes like leadership and team fit etc. Something I can't think about (if for no other reason than because I am too close to the problem and you are not).


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