Reality Definition Essay

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Reality programs have become a strong force that drives the behaviour of teenagers across the world.

Like sponges, youngsters drink in the lifestyles and behaviours of reality TV stars; not realizing that reality TV has in fact very little to do with reality.

I'll then lay out some terms and concepts that will help us get a better handle on understanding what truth is. The coherence theory describes truth in terms of interconnected belief.

A belief is true if it is consistent with other beliefs we have.

She also makes a truth claim about the color of the apple but it's different than your truth claim. Well, you might respond, that's an easy problem to solve.

It's actually red because we've stipulated that your friend has an anomaly in her truth-gathering equipment (vision) and even though we may not know she has it, the fact that she does means her view of reality is incorrect.

While this essay does not focus on practical issues like why a view of truth is important, I'll say a few words about that idea at the end and provide more resources for further reading.

I stated above that defining truth can be challenging.

During these formative years of a teen’s life it is important to fill their minds with the things we want them to eventually mimic.

Putting in poison will result in poisonous behaviour, but instilling good values such as patience, kindness and respect will ultimately beget those qualities.


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