Recommendations In A Thesis

Research implications basically refer to impact that your research might have on future research or policy decision or the relevant field of interest of your study.

'How will your research affect the targeted community or subject field' is the question that implications will answer.

But changes due to market trends and to keep the business viable, managerial and technical skills are extremely important in any field where income generation is of primary importance, management knowledge is a must and that includes the teachers for whom this research study is attributed.

In systems management, emphasis must be in integrating entrepreneurial technology, finance and marketing strategies instead of transfer of technique only and the most ignored factor, gut feel of the economic factors to be considered.

Any methodological problems encountered, modifications made or solutions attempted need to be discussed.

Recommendations In A Thesis

Recommendations / Conclusions / Implications – A brief explanation of what recommendations or conclusions from observed data can be made from your research and the implications and indicate what further research you feel is needed, what approach and why.

Recommendations are based on the results of your research and indicate the specific measures or directions that can be taken.

For example, a clinical study might have implications for cancer research and might recommend against the use of a particular hazardous substance.

Again, these recommendations should be strongly supported by results of your study.

Your conclusion should be a snapshot of the different aspects of your dissertation and the key findings that were identified.


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