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Make sure you always have your reusable bags in the trunk when you go to the store with your parents.

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It wasn't until the environmental movement of the 1960s and 70s, heralded by the first Earth Day in 1970, that recycling once again became a mainstream idea.

Though recycling suffered some lean years -- due to public acceptance and the market for recycled goods not growing -- it has generally increased from year to year [source: Hall] The success of recycling traces to wide public acceptance, the improved economics of recycling and laws requiring recycling collections or enforcing recycled content in certain manufacturing processes.

Tell them that plastic harms land animals, marine mammals and birds, fish and plants, and that making it pollutes the air.

On the other hand, if you’re a grownup, spend time talking through each choice with kids and getting their opinion.

Others are unnecessary – such as petroleum-based plastic bags, which choke the environment and kill wildlife, even though we now have access to much better alternatives.

Today, waste is a huge problem, affecting every part of our environment, from our waterways to our atmosphere, our grassy fields to our forests, our plants to our people.

No matter who you are, conversation is the key to better choices.

One final idea for reducing is to stop using plastic altogether, as well as paper, which isn’t much better for the environment than plastic.

“Reduce” is not necessarily the easiest step, though you might think so.

While it seems simple to just buy less, we humans can be very set in our ways, relying heavily on products to which we are loyal.


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