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Moving to London, he became a lecturer at the Institute of Historical Research at University College London and also at the Polytechnic of North London.An important step in Taylor's "rehabilitation" was a festschrift organised in his honour by Martin Gilbert in 1965.He also lectured in modern history at Oxford from 1938 to 1963. They had killed two million Irish people." Taylor added that if the death rate from the Irish Potato Famine was not higher it "was not for want of trying" on the part of the British government, writing: "I have always felt a certain horror of political economists since I heard one of them say that the Famine in Ireland would not kill more than a million people, and that would scarcely be enough to do much good." In 1964, whilst he retained his college fellowship, the University of Oxford declined to renew Taylor's appointment as a university lecturer in modern history.

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When Adolf Hitler became the Reich Chancellor or effectively the head of the German Government in January 30, 1933.

On February 27th, within a month of Hitler coming to power, the Reichstag building caught fire effectively destroying the whole building.

During the 12 years of Nazi rule, the Reichstag building was not used as a parliamentary building because it was damaged by the after the fire because the damage was to great.

The Government convened in the former opera house called the Krolloper building, which was opposite the old Reichstag building.

This proved to be a valuable excuse for the Nazis to suspend most human rights provided for by the 1919 constitution in the Reichstag Fire Decree.

The destruction of this building symbolized the end of one chapter in German history making way for Hitler and his new chapter under the Nazi party.

Both his parents, Percy Lees and Constance Sumner (Thompson) Taylor, were pacifists who vocally opposed the First World War, and sent their son to Quaker schools as a way of protesting against the war.

These schools included The Downs School at Colwall and Bootham School in York.

Constance was a suffragette, feminist, and advocate of free love who practised her teachings via a string of extramarital affairs, most notably with Henry Sara, a communist who in many ways became Taylor's surrogate father.

Taylor has mentioned in his reminiscences that his mother was domineering, but his father enjoyed exasperating her by following his own ways.


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