Relationship With Pets Essay

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Dogs are pretty honest to their masters and never ever betray or leave their side, even in most threatening situations.

Unlike other domesticated animals dog shares an exceptional emotional bond with its master and his family as well.

That’s bad, and it’s very easy for that to happen.”And so, I eventually gave in, fashioning a bed for Whisky on the floor using an old pillow and my favorite hoodie.

I must confess, she appears quite blissful curled up on her new bed on the floor in the bedroom.

The night my girlfriend discovered she wouldn’t be my only bedfellow, she was baffled.

Relationship With Pets Essay

“Where I come from, you only sleep with a dog in your bed if you’re single, or your central heating is broken,” she said upon finding Whisky, my 15-pound terrier-spaniel mix, settled in comfortably for the night, her head resting daintily on my pillow.

Millan said, “the dog is going to sense that, so the bed won’t feel like a safe place to the dog.

It has got to be a mutual and unanimous decision.”Clive Wynne, an Arizona State University psychology professor who studies canine comportment, said that dogs’ lives are “very intimately bound up with human beings.” His research suggests that dog behavior among humans is analogous to their highly social forebears, wolves.“If you take the wolves’ social skills and place them into a human context, then you have an animal that is unbelievably sensitive to everything that people do,” he said.

But this was a nascent long-distance relationship, and she had just flown more than 5,000 miles from London to Los Angeles to see me, so she let it slide.

Since then, and even though she now adores Whisky (or claims to), she insists that “normal people” don’t share their beds with dogs.


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