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Renaissance Renaissance is a French word meaning “rebirth”.The Renaissance originated in Italy during the mid-14th century and spanned through the 17th century.

” The philosopher to whom he was referring was Aristotle, showing that great thinkers during the Renaissance were looking back to the Greeks or their ideas rather than looking to the church for guidance.

Literature grew emphatically during the Renaissance. The earliest (quite possibly the best) writers were Dante, Patriarch, Vocation, and Machiavelli.

In conclusion, the Renaissance was Roman and Greek ideas, which modified the layout of European society for many centuries (for better or for worse).

This cultural rediscovery was shown in art, literature, and religion for an amazing three hundred years of history.

Walter Ralegh was courtier, poet navigator, colonized.

Renaissaince experinced and express of spirit expansion of interest in several direction like exloration and discovery and travel, painting and sculptire, literature.These Italian writers had notable works that spread throughout Europe, ultimately spreading some of the Renaissance style.With the creation of the movable type printing press in the asses Oneness Gutenberg), there was significant encouragement for literacy and the spread of the Renaissance ideas.There was also the creation of three- dimensional painting on a two-dimensional surface.Renaissance artists were recognized and respected as individuals, not as much as a group at this point.The Middle Ages can also be recognized as an Age of Faith.With the great power of the papacy and Catholic Church, one cannot simply deny that this was a church- dominated period of time.Coming off the Black Death and Hundred Years War, there was leant of room for change.Around one-third of Rupee’s population was ravaged by wars and disease during the end of the Middle Ages, so new generations of ideas were bound to happen.Renaissance upholds secular values freedom of thinking and movement. It is the opposite of teh religous spirit of middle ages, which held gods to be the center of values adn doing ated man and geld him to be born in sin.Father numanism puts values on reason & individualism it puts value on self-worth.


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