Research On The 1950 Paper Mate

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Next the crafters rinse the pulp and laid it on a wooden board to beat it with a stone until the fibers fuse into a paste. The Amate is painted by Nahuatl speaking folk artists in the region called the Mezcala, on the Rio Balsas Basin in Guerrero state.

The natural beauty of the area has inspired one of the most valued folk art painting styles in the country.

The ink dried faster, and the storage of such ink was easier to manage due to its reliance on a physical phenomenon called capillary action, which slowly drew the ink out of the pen without the assistance of gravity.

It was such a forward leap for ink that it was clear that such pens would eventually take over.

Unlike the smartphone, which still shows glimmers of innovation despite being everywhere, the ballpoint pen has fallen into the tableau of everyday life, never really standing out unless you really spend time thinking about it.

But as an analog device, it solved a lot of problems, and it took a few tries to get right. Loud, did so about 60 years before the average person saw one in person, in part because the design was imperfect and it needed more work before it was ready for prime time.

Among them: They had a tendency to leak; they needed to be constantly refilled; issues with the nib, or the metal tip of the pen, could cause problems such as a pen that tears the paper or makes it possible for the ink to hit the page at all; and fountain pens don’t tend to do well at high altitude, making them a bad bet for planes.

(That last issue would prove fundamental for the pens’ early update.) Teaming with his brother György, Biro came up with a ballpoint mechanism that would allow for a small amount of the thicker ink to flow onto a page at a time.

They haven’t been completely steamrolled by the digital revolution, because their disposability is a virtue.

You can always buy another one for just a few cents in your nearest 7-Eleven or supermarket checkout lane.


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