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Below you'll find our cover letter sample that you can use as a cover letter for proposal template: Your Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Postcode Phone Number Email Company Manager Company Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Postcode Phone Number Email Day/Month/Year Dear Mr.

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With your grant, we'll be able to expand the assistance that we can give to families and struggling individuals across the UK.

Over the past few years, winter UK temperatures have dropped noticeably, and though it seems nice to have a "White Christmas" and for winter snow to last as long as it does, these temperature drops and weather patterns have made it more difficult for families to stay healthy; especially those with young children.

We are more than aware of the current housing crisis overwhelming the UK, and the yearly rising rate of homeless families coming to light in demographics.

We are committed to providing even the smallest amount of help to a family who might be struggling to pay their heating bills.

Funders want to know that their dollars did some good.

So decide now how you will evaluate the impact of your project.

We respectfully request your open application grant for £20,000 for our Winter Chill project.

As one of the only charities in the UK that specialises in heating assistance for families earning under £20,000 a year between both parents/care takers, this year we have decided to try and expand the help that we offer to homeless families and those living in shelters.

In the past, our projects have had many accomplishments: Our directors are very enthusiastic about our new program, and we're already starting to stock up for the coming winter months.

We are committed to the assistance that we offer, and our research and development team are doing their best around the clock to provide new heating solutions, and contact companies willing to help or donate to us.


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