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Sexual jealousy-perception of a threat to a romantic relationship from a rival for one’s partner often plays an important roll in aggression.

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He calls the process of releasing instinctual energy catharsis.

Freud’s suggestion that societies should encourage the nonviolent catharsis of aggressive energy has been much debated.

For example, so called cathartic expression of pretended aggressive instinctual energy characteristically does not lead to reduced levels of overt aggression, as a “darning off” phenomenon would predict. Overt aggression usually leads to more, not less, overt aggression.

The catharsis effect is one of many instances in which the instinct theory fails to accord with much-replicated scientific findings.

In other words, they create an uncomfortable pressure that must be released in some way.

Often the aggressive instinct is released in an overt act of aggression.

Also, most contemporary scientific views of aggression in America agree that one contributing factor is a genetic-physiological capacity to aggress.

But to accept an unknown and unknowable accumulation of unseeable and immeasurable energy as the basis for aggressive behavior is to use a mythology almost totally unsupported, and in fact largely disproved, by scientific evidence.

In addition, aggression can be divided as active and passive which refers to the idea that there is, or is no overt reaction.

Is aggression an innate tendency or an externally elicited behavior?


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