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People in the workforce sell labor services to prospective employers in return for a payment.

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Nobody is showing up hours early to an open clinic to catch a glimpse of the doctor walking into the office.

Kids don’t have posters on their walls of their favorite psychologist or have valuable signed playing cards of the world’s best cardiologist.

If you put 20,000 hours into making the NBA, then you have about 0.0000001% odds of making it to the NBA (I’m guess-timating).

The threshold to entry is so close to impossible for pro athletes that it makes the profession infinitely more valuable.

If a fan is willing to spend money on a player, then that player deserves that money. Thousands of people are willing to spend money to see her, and in all fairness, her publicist, her manager, the venue, her dancers, the technicians, and everyone else in the show will make the money they deserve, but she should be making the most because she’s the one that those people are there to see. He will bring out legions and legions of fans (and haters, alike) in every city he visits because people want to see him.

He deserves to make more than Random Bench Player X or the owner of the team he plays for.

MP is a measure of how productive a worker is in terms of output, and MR is a measure of the additional revenue generated by each new unit of output.

For a bakery, MP might be measured as the number of additional cakes produced when an additional baker is hired.

As should all pro athletes because they can do your job way better than you can do theirs.

*** Tyler is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs and the Baltimore Ravens.


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