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However, MEO and LEO satellites are new technologies in the commercial communication services (Buchsbaum).A satellite is frequently referred to as broadcast / multicast medium.

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frame relay is a means of providing a high-speed service that supports LAN interconnectivity, Internet access, file transfer and bandwidth-hungry applications including corporate intranets and desktop video conferencing. They can be created and trained to analyze data to recognize trends based on observation data, immense applications exist in the ... The current areas of application Neural networks have broad applicability to real world business problems and have ...

It enables devices to be allocated bandwidth on a Committed Information Rate (CIR) and also allows for rapid applications ( In a frame relay network, a geosynchronous satellite (GEOs) is used as the link between frame relay switches, or routers, and the other devices on the network (Shelly).

), is a university based research center for satellite technology and applications research.

Sa TRe C, which is located within the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), promotes the education and training of satellite engineers through research programs in satellite engineering, space science and remote sensing.

These transmit and receive terminals are also referred to as earth stations (Buchsbaum).

The altitude of the satellite above the earth’s surface has a direct impact on its characteristics and performance.

Any receiving station in the coverage area can receive the signal.

Multicast is a subset of broadcast where an addressing scheme is used to select a target group of receivers.

In 1992, Sa TRe C developed and launched the first satellite of Korea, KITSAT-1, a scientific microsatellite.

Since then, Sa TRe C continues to develop satellites with scientific and technology demonstration missions.


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