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The showing of support from his mother and peers, along with the presence of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at his school positively affected ...

Motivation consists of the factors that stimulate the desire to attain a goal.

Self-efficacy is defined as the belief in one's capabilities to carry out, organize and perform a task successfully ...

This study examined what are soft skills and why are they missing from recent graduates.

The study took an historical approach to trace how soft skills have been used and ignored in our nation’s educational history to the point where employers are claiming they are missing in today’s job applicants.

Here, a youth receives her Certificate of Citizenship from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Citizenship Judge Marie Senecal-Tremblay on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on April 17, 2019.

To empower children means to nurture them as they develop skills to take charge of their lives.Not only are these students expected to succeed academically, these students must know how to problem solve, work in teams, and be creative.The longstanding issue of how to motivate students is not new.Here, Alex Sayers, left, holds the microphone for Azure Faloona, both 12 years old, at a rally held last October in Seattle in support of a high-profile climate change lawsuit.Numerous measures are in place to help young disabled children thrive, but the transition beyond school can be a difficult one.This is a real challenge for teachers today: how do they teach and assess the skills needed to live and work in the 21st century?This paper will explore the development of Eltham High School’s focus on teaching and assessment of collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking over the past seven years.Specifically, this study examined student participants and nonparticipants in extracurricular activities and their academic performance in one Midwestern suburban high school district.Archival data were collected on the 2009 senior classes from two consenting high schools within the district.All the social indicators demonstrate that Australia’s First Nations people continue to be the most socio-economically disadvantaged population cohort in Australian society.This is after decades of continued policy efforts by successive Commonwealth, state and territory governments to ameliorate Indigenous education disadvantage. Education researchers, policymakers and private enterprise agree that, in addition to content knowledge, students in the 21st century need to acquire particular skills to equip them for active citizenship in the modern world.


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