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A sincere attempt was to be made to look at the views of coloured women and others as well.

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Women’s magazines, women oriented television shows etc, are helping this new wave of feminism in the country.

This paper attempts to look at the variety of ways that woman oriented mediums aim to promote feminism in our country.

Only after this, did the word feminism start to be used in its serious sense in society.

Second and third wave feminism was mainly generated to look at the shortcomings of earlier theories of feminism and avoid the domination of ‘white women’, in the field.Sexism, also just does not examine several harms that are committed, but looks at the fact that someone is harmed because she is a woman.There is no one single form of oppression that a woman faces, and that several forms exist and manifest themselves in a variety of ways even today.Also argued, is the role of a man or a woman in society, and what implications each gender has in society. K it started out as being mainly a political wave, demanding for the right to vote, in other parts of the world writers have mainly looked at the injustices faced by women, although the nature of these injustices may not entirely be certain.Nevertheless, the feminist perspective provides interesting views on matters such as reproduction, sexuality, labour, poverty, racial discrimination The meaning of the term feminism has differed greatly throughout the world. In 1892, the first International Women’s Conference was held in Paris.Although the interpretations of this doctrine may vary from person to person, the main idea is common to all- that is the progress of women in the society at the same level as men.FEMINISM IN INDIA India, as a country from time long before, has been neglected in the sense that it is a third world country and is capable of offering only so much.Oppression is unjust and a woman, like any other person in society has a right to ensure that they obtain justice.Another area where feminists argue the need for equality is the economic sector.A lot of occurrences take place even outside the political sphere that ascertains the need to improve a woman’s position in society.Although feminism may have started as focusing only on the legal and political aspects of a woman’s life, it has broadened to the more social issues now. Feminists fight to resolve oppression and ensure justice.


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