Silent Spring Essay Analysis

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According to Gartner (2000), Carson’s scientific insight, ideas, and principles are credible to date, even in the field of cancer research where knowledge has increased immensely since 1962 (pp. All the above does not mean, however, that Carson did not recognize the problems stated by the control agencies.

She also recognized the necessity of control of disease-carrying insects (Carson, 2002, p. What she actually said was that “control must be geared to realities…and that the methods employed must be such that they do not destroy us with the insects” (p. Addressing the problem of control, Carson proposed much more effective and cheaper biological methods than that of massive chemical spraying.

Hence the spring may be called the King of seasons. Unfortunately people fail to appreciate this season of feast.

Flowers spread their sweet smell in all directions. It was again in spring that the coronation of Ram actually took place. The sight of green and yellow fields fills our hearts with hope. This lovely season fills us with the feeling of gratitude to God. The solitude in the lap of a forest and a cave on mountain present beauties of spring before our eyes.

He will end by destroying the earth.” This quote gets the reader thinking before they have even turned to page one. Carson starts by writing about a picturesque farming town in the middle of America with a beautiful landscape filled with foxes, deer, trout, healthy farm animals, and a variety of birds.

She then compares this to the same town in which “everywhere was a shadow of death” and there was a “strange stillness” that had fallen (Carson 2).Some­one has truly said ‘spring is the King of all seasons’., Rachel Carson uses the apocalypse trope, logos, and ethos to grab the general public’s attention and to inspire the necessity for changing the way the environment is treated by mankind.In this regard, the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson (1962), a natural scientist and a writer, is of special significance, for not only does it raise public awareness on the issue of chemical poisons, but it also introduces a remarkably novel approach to educating the public about nature.Being claimed to give an impetus to the modern environmental movement (Waddell, 2000, p.Carson uses logos many times throughout the Silent Spring excerpt.In Part 2: The Obligation to Endure, many evolutionary and scientific facts are given to the reader in order to display the impacts of mankind on the environment.In the process of enlightening the readers about the major theme of the chemical pollution, the author competently touches upon the themes that are inseparably linked with the major one, namely the interrelationship between living organisms and their surroundings, the speed at which human predominance over the environment takes place in modern times, the brutality and politicization of science, and our poor knowledge of nature and reluctance to study what we think is not the concern of ours until it is too late. With Carson’s honorary doctorates in both literature and science (Newell, 2004, Rachel Carson section, para.Before enlightening actually begins, Carson resorts to a purely literary device, namely to telling an apocalyptic story of an ordinary town in the United States. 2), there is no doubt that her preparation for writing Silent Spring was exhaustive. Gartner (2000) certifies, “there are collections of scientific reprints, conference reports, congressional testimony, newspaper articles, and letters ranging from expert testimony in answer to her technical questions to personal accounts of illness or observations” (p. Among the numerous examples which illustrate Carson’s ability to put her sphere of interest to scrutiny, there are some major control programs that she urges the readers to look at and learn from.For the average citizen, there might be nothing new in the fact that all living organisms are the parts of the vast natural food chain and that pesticides are poisons used in household and agriculture.Few, however, realize the extent to which pesticides are poisonous and the nature of their interaction with the environment, as well as how far-reaching the disastrous effect of that interaction is.


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