Sleep Deprivation Essay

I have chosen to research this topic, because I do have a personal connection.I believe that most people actually have a personal connection to this subject. It has become an even bigger problem with adolescents.

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An extra hour or two of stolen sleep on Sunday can feel like heaven after a long week of work and family activities. For teenagers, sleep plays a critical role in staying healthy, feeling happy, maintaining good grades, and doing well in sports. For those who struggle, it’s important to look at their electronic use .

An increased amount of screen time throughout the day has been linked to insomnia and symptoms of depression in...

Sleep is such a mysterious thing, because there is still so much research about the subject still going on. My original thesis question is: What are some of the causes of sleep deprivation?

Researchers, experts, and people all over the world are still filled with questions about sleep. How does it affect the health and performance of a person? For adolescents, a later start time for schools may provide a solution.

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What are some of the sleep disorders that cause sleep deprivation? I plan to address all of these issues in this paper.

This may encourage the adolescents to get on a regular sleep schedule, wake up a little bit later, and therefore get more sleep.

Excessive use of smartphones and tablets may be keeping teens awake a night, according to a study that found adolescents who spend more than two hours a day with their gadgets are more likely to be sleep deprived.

Most sleep experts agree that adolescents need nine hours of sleep each night to be engaged and productive students.


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