Social Class Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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They believe that food from the Radley garden is “poisonous” and run past his house from fear.

By adding characters like Boo Radley into the novel Harper Lee shows us that only a few people in Maycomb accept Boo for what he really is, and respect him.

The entire town of Maycomb, with a few exceptions are racist.

They see black people as inferior beings and treat them similarly.

The way in which Harper Lee gets her messages through to the readers is by giving examples of extreme prejudice throughout the entire novel.

One example of prejudice that Harper Lee included in the novel did include racism towards coloured people, but it was prejudice against whole groups of people.Harper Lee also suggests to the reader, to be judgmental of a character of Boo Radley’s nature is expected of not only residents in Maycomb, but in general it is human nature.Even though a fair majority of the Maycomb residents are severely prejudice, there are a few people who look beneath the surface of different individuals and groups. Even though Atticus does make comments about being “common” this character is presented in the novel to be wise understanding of most situations.Prejudice, the word, can be split up into two other words for a greater understanding of what the question is actually asking, i. As well as being able to understand meanings behind the novel, Harper Lee has included prejudice so that the reader is able to understand the historical details in the book, for example; the effects of the civil war (1861-1865) upon the USA and the effects towards black people. To pre-judge someone is to be prejudiced In the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, prejudice is portrayed to the reader in different ways in order to send across a message or an idea the author has.I think that by adding only a few characters with non-prejudiced views Harper Lee is able to discuss with the reader on a subconscience level, that even though there is a majority who are always judgmental, there always be some people who can see people for what they really are, no matter what makes them different.One of the most important examples of a type of prejudice shown in the novel is acism.There were big divisions of people’s social status in Maycomb.For example Aunt Alexandra was constantly making remarks about how high class the Finch family was.Although people were seen as being prejudiced against groups, individuals were also targeted. Most of the town is prejudiced against Boo as he doesn’t follow the crowd and is not often seen doing things that other people of Maycomb do.Rumours and gossip portray Boo as a malignant and illusive character and children (being gullible as they are) believe the rumours, whether the gossip is true or not.


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