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These initial exchanges illustrate a critical element of creating an effective reflection character: There must be lots of conflict between hero and reflection.

Even though the reflection is the hero’s ally, teacher and friend, it is the reflection’s role to push the hero beyond his limits, challenge the hero’s poor decisions or weak actions, and repeatedly criticize and cajole the hero toward doing what is necessary to achieve his or her goal.

As in real life, a great reflection character is one who, no matter how difficult or painful, offers support, honesty, loyalty and real friendship.

And one of the many wonderful gifts given by The King’s Speech is its simple story of two very different men who, through hard work and great courage, become friends.

A typical role for a reflection character is that of mentor to the hero – a teacher, trainer, coach or therapist whose job is to give the hero the skills necessary to achieve his goal. Acting as a mentor isn’t the only form your reflection can take.

Often, it’s simply a character who physically assists the hero in his or her pursuit, as do George in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Russell in Up or Rooster Cogburn in True Grit.

Most of the essays are groundbreaking and incisive.' Thomas H.

Stories are built on a foundation of desire and conflict.

We understand the fear that causes his stammer, and that keeps him from embracing his duty and destiny as king.

Lionel tells Bertie, “You don’t have to carry [your father] around in your pocket. You don’t need to be afraid of things you were afraid of when you were five.” Your reflection character’s role is to hold your hero’s feet to the fire and to remain ever loyal and supportive, even as he or she pushes the hero out of his comfort zone and into a life of courage and fulfillment.


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