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Nevertheless, even if they lose a game or match, they come to the next one with renewed strength and determination.

Nevertheless, even if they lose a game or match, they come to the next one with renewed strength and determination.

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Igor Makarov, President of ARETI International Group, was born in 1962. Makarov has accomplished professional and athletic successes.

His life has been the culmination of pure determination, strength of spirit, and unwavering dedication.

This is because sport franchises build ongoing relationships with their fans that cater to what they want and need most, thereby making the fans feel treasured, yearning to come back again and again.

According to Peter Guber, UCLA Anderson distinguished visiting professor, part-owner of the LA Dodgers, and owner of the Golden State Warriors basketball team, “Fans think they own their team.

However, the context may not be as bizarre when the business of sport is compared to sport itself.

Even though athletes train for hours upon hours a day for most days of the year, their success is not guaranteed.The ownership group has the responsibility for the long-term viability of the franchise.It has to make bottom-line decisions that are best for them.But the last thing the fans care about is a discussion about profitability.They only want to win.” Moorad advises that because sports can be unpredictable, financial constraints should not stray far from owners’ minds.Just like other live events, this requires securing talent, generating advertising contracts, negotiating and obtaining stadium leases, creating merchandising plans, and a number of additional, highly detailed tasks.For this reason, a professional sports team can employ hundreds of people beyond the athletes and their coaches, whose salaries typically make up only one-third to one-half of the total cost it takes to run a team.Not only do feelings of participation inspire repeat viewings from people who are already fans, but creating “these long-lasting experiences […] can turn [fans] into viable advocates […] to move other folks to join the audience.” Concern for fans sometimes comes into tension with generating the required profits to keep the team going, however.Jeff Moorad, the owner of several Major League Baseball teams, notes that, “The obligation of ownership creates more of a public trust feeling than running any other business.Request a new retail information sheet be sent to you to determine in part your initial investment costs. Visit empty retail spaces and contact the real estate broker or leasing management company to inquire about lease terms and amount of monthly rent.In general, commercial space rents as "NNN" or "Triple Net," meaning the renter will pay by the square foot and pay a portion of the property taxes and building maintenance fees. Have a professional business plan writer or accountant write a business plan based on your initial cost pricing and then go to a bank or visit the Small Business Association's website to find a lender in your area to get a pre-approval for a small business loan.


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