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“It speaks volumes for what the whole film is about,” he says.“It is a time capsule.” There’s something bittersweet about reminiscing on one’s childhood to discover those really were special times, but it’s not until we become older and wiser and more aware of ourselves that we can appreciate the beauty of innocence.

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I was confronted by these kids who felt like they had to do something significant – and quickly – to gain social acceptance. While I was never a young boy, I felt – and still feel – enormously close to these characters as I watch them navigate the hardships of growing up and figuring out what they want, versus what they think they should have, to feel important or worthy.

STAND BY ME is written and directed with an incredible sensitivity and rawness; I'm with Gordie (Wil Wheaton), Chris (the late River Phoenix), Teddy (Corey Feldman) and Vern (Jerry O'Connell) every step of their long journey, where they ultimately discover that it's not being a hero that's important; rather, what matters is that you were a good friend who stood up for what you believe in.

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I understood what they wanted, or what they thought they wanted, which was to find the body of a local boy who was overheard to have been struck by a train, and become small town heroes.

I think it was the first time I saw, depicted in a film, a re-enactment of what I had felt as a confused child.' The camera cuts back to the man at a slow pace, nothing has been rushed so far up to this point each shot has been calm and relaxed with no sudden movements.Two boys that look about 12 cycle past the car and you can hear a bike bell.No one needed to take credit for finding the body on the tracks, so no one did.Gordie made the right decision to make an anonymous call to authorities, because it's the journey – not the destination – that counts.The friendships and associations we make as children are never the same as the ones we make as adults.[Corey] Feldman says it is that final line in the film that still really gets to him.There is the diagetic sound of birds singing which also gives off the feeling this car is in the middle of nowhere which gets the veiwer thinking 'why is this car here and nothing else is? It then goes onto a closer veiw of the car which is now midshot.You can hear soft and relaxing music playing in the background.He sighs and moves slightly and looks at a newspaper on the passenger seat.We then get a point of view shot of the newspaper which states it is 'Wednesday, September 24th, 1985' and has a headline saying 'Attorney Christopher Chambers fatally stabbed in restaurant.'It then brings up the question 'what was the connection between the man in the can and Christopher Chambers?


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