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Sellers holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the mathematical sciences and has worked as a mathematical and statistical consultant.

Understanding statistics is essential to understand research in the social and behavioral sciences.

In the first part of the course we will discuss methods of descriptive statistics.

You will learn what cases and variables are and how you can compute measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) and dispersion (standard deviation and variance).

Throughout the course, you will use real data and a variety of examples drawn from business and industry, health care, sports, education, politics, and the social sciences.

Ben Sellers has more than 17 years of teaching experience both online and in the traditional classroom.

In this course you will learn the basics of statistics; not just how to calculate them, but also how to evaluate them.

This course will also prepare you for the next course in the specialization - the course Inferential Statistics.

We’ll also learn how to understand and compute one of the most frequently used measures of correlation: Pearson's r.

In the next part of the module we’ll introduce the method of OLS regression analysis.


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