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Back in 1981, British Airways brought on board a new chairperson.

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Change management is the ability to effectively deal with change within your organization. So, to help you effectively create a change management plan, here are three examples of real world situations where change management was successfully instituted.

And most people don’t realize this unless they’re within the midst of a change management plan themselves.

Some of these benefits include: Having a business plan in place is a surefire way to convince investors to align their interests – and funding – with your enterprise.

A well-crafted business plan gives the appearance of seriousness, professionalism, and a dedication to hard work in the years to come – all of the things that investors want to hear and see before they invest their precious dollars in your company.

Many new businesses make the mistake of jumping into all tasks with vigor and enthusiasm but without planning and strategic prioritizing.

This often results is a haphazard slew of unfinished tasks, a chaotic view of goals and priorities, and a confusing, stressful business environment that is difficult to straighten out.

If you are a freelance writer who has a copywriting business that makes a little extra cash on the side, then you can probably skip that whole business-plan-writing debacle without suffering too much damage.

However, if you intend to start up a corporation that may someday go international, employ hundreds of people, and get financial backing from the World Bank (or someone as financially strict), then you absolutely need a business plan.

Systematically, the company began reducing its workforce.

But, before this was done, through his change management leadership, the chairman gave the company the reasons for the restructuring and privatization of the company in order to prepare them for the upcoming change.


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