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and you have to use all the possible points in your test essay.

Test essay should be a full force written an essay with its topic opened completely.

You have forty minutes only, no matter what university or college you are studying at.

And do not forget that you should leave few minutes at the end of the exam to edit and revise your ACT essay and fix all the mistakes.

There are some clear guidelines for test paper writing, but there are few points that are not always said to the students.

You may start each sentence in the same way to make them sound clearer and then include some logical chains to the entire picture.

So, you should stay clear even if talking too fancy.

The meaning and clearness of your test essay matters and are more serious than grammar mistakes.

The language of essay writing and its proper tone often are the toughest points to improve for students, especially, for those who do not use English as their native language.

You should be very careful with your wording and choose each word logically and carefully.

You can use some fancy vocabulary, but do not repeat such words too often as it looks and sounds unnatural.


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