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This case examines the Orpheus orchestra and the way that they run the orchestra.What makes they different from others is that they do not have a conductor that dictates the entire orchestra, rather, everyone has a say. Ordinary People Phenomenon Living in a century of information gives a great chance for self-development and self-improvement of own knowledge and skills to every person.

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She continuous her exploration by saying that sloppy people live within "Never-Never-Land". They "carry in their mind's eye a heavenly vision, a precise plan that is so stupendous, so perfect, it can't be achieved in this world or the next" (Jordan, 224).

The fourth paragraph is a justification of her previous paragraph.

From 2nd paragraph, Suzanne Britt begins her exploration of the common sloppy man by submitting her sympathy that sloppy people are not really sloppy.

Their sloppiness is merely the unfortunate consequence of their extreme moral "rectitude" (Jordan, 224).

The United States is made up of many sub cultures and values within sub cultures vary from region to region...

which.....Number Response Paper#___ Neat People vs Sloppy People and Preconceptions Recently, I read the essay en d “Neat People vs Sloppy People” by Suzanne Britt.

She validates her "Never-Never-Land" by reiterating that despite all noble reasons and more, sloppy people never get neat as their meticulous someday "mtier" planning only creates useless "new piles of papers with new headings" (Jordan, 225).

In the 5th paragraph Suzanne Britt Jordan astutely depicts the sloppy people affection for continuous possession of things.

The group started out with people who had gone to music school and coming out they decided that they were not willing to give up their musical creativity and always be under the leadership of another person. Human conscience, perception, and point of view involuntarily can be affected with mass media products that play not only informative role but also conduct educational and entertaining functions.

Television and press put society in the picture concerning the major events that take place in specific countries, life of concrete people, and world in general. American values To be able to make a generalization whether the English are a superior race than the Americans, it is imperative to actually compare the culture of both the countries to make a better and sound claim.


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