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You will occasionally see duplicate contacts when you type a name or email address into a cell.To remove names or email addresses from the contact list, remove them from the preferred contact values and other cells in the column.

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To add them to your Contact List column, click the dropdown arrow in the cell then select Add New to add the contact name and email address to your list and assign them to the row.

You can also edit the column properties to add them to the preferred contact values.

To add or modify a column, you must be the sheet Owner or be shared to the sheet with Admin-level sharing permissions. For more information about sharing, see Sharing Permission Levels. Once the column is set up, type the name of an existing contact into a cell to display a list of matching contacts then select the desired contact to add them to the list of contacts assigned to the task.

Keep the following in mind when working with multiple contacts in a cell: When a task should only be assigned to one person, restrict the Contact Column to a single contact by leaving Allow multiple contacts per cell unchecked.

The first task that was set her was that of sweeping and dusting a parlor.

Yet do I know what a task I have undertaken, because of the knack you are noted for at writing.As I eat my breakfast and smoke my pipe, I ponder over my task.It is true your task has been disagreeable, but not more so than others.For example, with an Approval Request, you'll want to ensure that only one person, such as the manager, approves each step in the process to ensure multiple contacts do not overwrite each other's approvals.TIPS: If you start typing a name or email address and aren't seeing the contact list autosuggest, then your contact list doesn't include a contact matching what you've typed.Multiple users and/or groups can be assigned, so repeat this as many times as you want.Assigning a user or group will send an email alert to that user (or all users in the group).But generally speaking, it does escape them, and lives to finish its task.Dorcas of Lydda may have been of any age, but, judging by the circumstances, she had not completed her task.If you still see duplicate contact values, it’s possible the name you’ve set up for the contact in your personal Smartsheet Contacts does not match the name they’ve associated with their Personal Profile.See Manage Contacts in the My Smartsheet Contacts List and Manage Your Personal Profile to ensure the name in your contacts matches the name on their profile.


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    It's not quite what you're looking for, but they did just roll out task-assignment and due date notifications in Planner. Now when a task is assigned, that person will receive an email with a link to the task, and the will also be emailed when a task is due, past due, or upcoming.…

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    The task also appears in the My Tasks section of the home page of the user who’s assigned to the task. Make sure that you set your My Tasks view on the home page so that your tasks are included in the filter. The view defaults to Overdue, which can confuse some people when they don’t see a recently created task in that area.…

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    When a task is assigned to me in Planner, create a new task in Outlook Tasks with Planner task details.…

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  • Assign People to a Task Smartsheet Learning Center

    If you want multiple people to work on a task, set up your Contact List column to Allow multiple contacts per cell. Once the column is set up, type the name of an existing contact into a cell to display a list of matching contacts then select the desired contact to add them to the list of contacts assigned to the task.…

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  • Planner email notification when task is assigned, only to people who.

    The task assignments submits as a "comment" so only people who have commented on the task receive a notification. But the person who was assigned to the task do not! For example when I assign task "XXX" to Peter, he does not receive an email saying the task was assigned to him. But Scott who previously commented on the tasks receives an email.…

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