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Tom Buchanan, Daisys husband, was a man from an enormously wealthy family.

Tom Buchanan, Daisys husband, was a man from an enormously wealthy family.Nick, described Tom's physical attributes as having a hard mouth and a supercilious mannerarrogant eyes had established dominance over his facealways leaning aggressively forwarda cruel bodyhis speaking voiceadded to the impression of fractiousness he conveyed (11).

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The Great Gatsby Dreams The Great Gatsby Dreams The Great Gatsby by F.

Scott Fitzgerald, is a novel about the American Dream.

The main problem with Jays dream is that Daisy is all ready married.

Gatsby's personal dream symbolizes the larger American Dream The pursuit of happiness. Surprisingly he devotes his adult life trying to recapture it and dies in its pursuit.

To find a quotation we cite via chapter and paragraph in your book, you can either eyeball it (Paragraph 1-50: beginning of chapter; 50-100: middle of chapter; 100-on: end of chapter), or use the search function if you're using an online or e Reader version of the text. “I looked back at my cousin who began to ask me questions in her low, thrilling voice.

It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again.

He did reach the physical circumstances necessary to love her, but he had focused too much on money and power the previous five years of his life. Society is often broken up into different social groups by their economic status.

Those of lower classes believe that their problems will go away if they can gain enough wealth to reach the upper class.

In the past, Jay had a love affair with a young rich girl, Daisy.

Daisy and Jay had fallen in love with each other in spite of knowing that they could not marry because of the difference in their social status.


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