The Homework Machine By Dan Gutman

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In my last post I mentioned that I’m providing some ELA enrichment for a small group of third graders, and I was trying to decide which of the novel sets that our school has purchased I should use with the group.

Not only is there a sequel to this book (The Return of the Homework Machine) but he’s written the My Weird School series, the Baseball Card Adventures series, the Genius Files series, and the Flashback Four series, among others.

Sam struggles with both a great deal of self-doubt and yet a strong need to be seen as cool.

By being a part of the foursome and seeing Brenton seriously not care what others thought of him, helped Sam have more faith in himself.

features a group of 5th grade students who are bound by one very big secret: the homework machine.

Code-named ‘Belch’, the machine does their homework for them and ultimately becomes more powerful than the students ever imagined.And attention is exactly what you don't want when you are keeping a secret. My dad was in the air force and that’s why we moved to Arizona. Before long, things start to get out of control, and Belch becomes much more powerful than they ever imagined. But this recent situation involving the children was one of the stranger cases I ever ran into. He was assigned to Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix. This is a great book to get kids thinking about ethics.Additionally, it also highlights the fact that you can’t judge a book, or person, by it’s cover and that we don’t know what others are going through.She felt that she was right there in the story, seeing it through the characters’ eyes.One reason for that sense of perspective comes from the fact that you read all of the actions from various perspectives. I scope out the scene and it’s obvious who the cool kids are, who the dumb kids are, who the smart kids are, and who the dorks are. The class had the usual number of clueless dweebs, pre–jock idiots, losers, brownnosers, and bullies, just like my old school. You just knew the first time you set eyes on him that there was something different about this kid. So I walk into Miss Rasmussen’s class on the first day of school in September and I’m the new kid, so I’m a little nervous and I don’t want everybody looking at me, but they’re all looking at me anyway because, well, I’m the new kid and everybody wants to check out the new kid.Once kids connect with one of his books, there are dozens of others to enjoy.Have you used The Homework Machine as a read aloud or in a book club?


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