The Poisonwood Bible Thesis

The words “comfort” and “martyrdom” are so opposite that they balance out the sentence and give the reader an understanding of how Adah felt about her handicap.

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Adah finds it unusual to now owe her mother something when her own life has been a constant struggle.

“My habit is to drag myself imperiously through a world that owes me unpayable debts.

I have long relied on the comforts of martyrdom” (Kingsolver 410).

The very tone of this phrase represents beautifully the realization that has struck Adah like a lightning bolt in this moment.

Her naturally detail-oriented nature is well illustrated by the diction and tone she uses.

“…the women working their field will stand up one after another, unwrap the pagne of bright cloth … They resemble flocks of butterflies opening and closing their wings” (Kingsolver 137).No longer was she an idle observer, she became a doer.If her mother would not save her, then Adah would do it on her own because she knew her life was worth saving.She experiences an event that shifts her character in such a way that although it does not have an immediate impact, it changes her completely in the long run. On the frightful night when Kilanga, the village were the Price family was living, was swarmed by a massive group of ants known as Nsongonya Adah was left behind.She woke to the sound of screams and felt ants all over her. Orleanna stared at her crippled daughter and turned away. In the simple plea alone, the way Kingsolver phrased it “I [Adah] spoke out loud, the only time: help me” (Kingsolver 305), one could see that this was a simple phrase; not shouted or screamed, simply stated.Adah meets a neurologist who informs her that he can help her overcome her limp.This intrigues her and after several months Adah no longer has to bear her physical disability.She is at first amazed that this cross she has born all these years could somehow be taken care of like that.However, as she progresses through the novel she finds that this recovery is balanced out by the inability to see words and phrases backwards and in a completely different perspective like she used too.This enables her to see the world from a different perspective and strangely views things backwards.She believes that her life has no value to her or anyone else.


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